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Why Ty?

In the fitness industry there are many certified trainers. If you are completely healthy and self-motivated the average trainer will provide a typical exercise program. If, however, you have a medical condition, a sports injury, are new to exercise, later to exercise, returning to exercise, wanting to increase your level of exercise or simply have a desire to be the best possible version of you, then the average trainer is clearly not enough.


For this transformation, you need a compassionate, result-oriented coach with over thirty years of experience in the fitness industry. A personal coach who with exercise overcame partial paralysis following an attack of meningitis and went on to become a certified Medical Exercise Post-Rehab Specialist. A coach who will work with both you and your doctor to manage most medical conditions and sports injuries.


An instructor who teaches you to listen to your own body, while he creatively designs a personal program based on your goals and needs. A coach who provides nutritional counselling, weight management, holistic alternatives, is punctual and has exceptional client retention.


A coach who readily offers his knowledge and experience in a non-competitive environment providing convenient and affordable in-home training or Etobicoke Studio training to individuals, couples, or small groups. A coach who designs personal transformation packages that are convenient, result-oriented and affordable.


A man who has undergone two bilateral hip replacements and is now helping others to regain their functionality with medical exercise and holistic personal training. Where do you find a trainer so versatile and professional? A coach who embodies all the characteristics needed for personal transformation… in my opinion, in Etobicoke there is only one. 


The company name is Transformation By Design. The owner and trainer extraordinaire is Coach Ty